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Epoxy Pet Feeding Tables


Let the images tell the story – a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates our latest venture at B Creative. Our passion for crafting unique pieces for pets takes center stage with our latest creations: visually stunning and highly functional feeding tables designed with meticulous care.

Our feeders are all custom made & start at $350. Contact us today to find out how we can build the best option for you. Feeders are 15% off Till February 29th!!

Feeding tables for pets hold a special place in our hearts, being among our favorite builds. As seen in the photos, these tables not only look incredible but are also specifically crafted to address the needs of dogs who tend to eat with great enthusiasm. Archie, our furry friend, is a testament to how well these feeding tables work. His love for mealtimes is not compromised by any concerns of fast eating.

Our journey in perfecting these designs involved recognizing that a traditional slow feeder alone wasn’t sufficient for Archie. After a few meals, he cleverly maneuvered around it, and the issue of rapid eating persisted. This realization prompted us to innovate further. The result: a uniquely angled design, custom-tailored to match Archie’s shoulder height. This thoughtful approach serves the dual purpose of preventing choking incidents and adding an aesthetic flair to the feeding table.

Looking to get a feeding table for your pet?  contact us, we can custom build the right one for your homes style and your pets needs.

Want to See How These are made? check out the post we did on our projects page for full gallery of the entire process.

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